Special Session

Special Session on “Advances in Camera Based Document Recognition"

Session Chair:

Dr. V.N. Manjunath Aradhya

JSS Science and Technology University, Mysuru



Theme of Session:

Nowadays enormous amount of work has shown in recognizing camera captured images as a promising

and growing field of research for document analysis and recognition. This is due to the far-flung

availability of camera phones, hand-held digital still/video cameras and more recently wearable cameras.

The aim of this session is to provide a bridge between document image analysis and the wider computer

vision community by attracting cutting edge research on the topic.

Topics of Interest:

We invite original (un-published) research contributions based on the above mentioned

theme including following topics but not limited to:

  •   Text extraction and recognition from scene images

  •   Video T ext detection

  •   Document image retrieval

  •   Device constrained techniques and algorithms

  •   Mobile OCR

  •   Smartphone-based document scanning

  •   Camera based acquisition of written information

  •   Camera-based document analysis and recognition

  •   Document image quality assessment / estimation

  •   Image degradation models for camera captured characters/documents

  •   Feature extraction in camera capture situations


Paper Submission Process:

Please submit your paper (in word/pdf format) at
email: aradhya@sjce.ac.in
with ‘Advances in Camera Based Document Recognition: ’ mentioned in the subject line.

For any further queries related to this special session, please contact the session chairs at:
E-mail ID:
Mobile No.: 9886896108